Southeast Asia as Critical Crossroads: Dialogues with Anthony Reid (TBD)

Southeast Asia as Critical Crossroads: Dialogues with Anthony Reid (TBD)

PROGRAM (as of June 15)


Date: July 22-23, 2023

Venue: Toyo University – Hakusan campus

*The event will also be live-streamed online through Webex

Language: English


Day 1: July 22(Sat)



Session 1. Reading A History of Southeast Asia: Critical Crossroads (TBD)

10:00-10:10     Opening remarks: Masao Imamura and Kazufumi Natatsu

10:10-10:30     “Southeast Asian Genius: How the Region Manages Its Diversity?” Noriyuki Osada

10:30-10:50     “Southeast Asia as Method?”  Akiko Iijima

10:50-11:10     “Towards Mainstreaming Southeast Asia: from the Viewpoints of History Education and Scholarship Review” Shiro Momoki

11:10-11:25     Break

11:25-11:45     “Southeast Asia in Global History: Trade, Economic Growth and the Environment” Kaoru Sugihara

11:45-12:05     “Social Structures and Historical Conjunctures: A Comparative View from China” Mio Kishimoto

12:05-12:20     Reply from Anthony Reid


Session 2. Anthony Reid and Southeast Asian Studies(TBD)

13:30-13:35     Opening remarks

13:35-13:50     “What is Vernacularization?” Masao Imamura

13:50-14:05      “Lessons on Gender from Southeast Asia” Yoko Hayami

14:05-14:20     “Anthony Reid and the Environmental Turn in History Writing” Farizah Zakaria

14:20-14:35     “Economic History and the Chinese Century” Atsushi Ota

14:35-15:00     Discussion

15:00-15:20     Break

15:20-16:05     “Seventy Years of Southeast Asian Studies: An Autobiography in 10 Countries” Anthony Reid

16:05-16:25     Comments: Michael Feener (and TBA)

16:25-16:50     Discussion

17:30-19:00 Reception at the venue (Toyo University)

DAY 2:  July 23 (Sun)


Session 3. Commodity, People and Frontier: An Alternative Approach to Southeast Asian History in Japan (TBD)

10:00-10:05     Opening remarks: Kazufumi Nagatsu

10:05-10:20     “Introduction: Commodity, Peoples and Frontier in Southeast Asian Maritime World” Kazufumi Nagatsu

10:20-10:40     “Austronesian Inter-islands Networks and Marine Resources Use: Cases of Prehistoric Island Southeast Asia and Oceania” Rintaro Ono

10:40-11:00     “Trepang and Manilamen: Sea Cucumbers beyond Southeast Asian History” Jun Akamine

11:00-11:10     “Mangroves in History: Gates of Parallel World” Shinji Suzuki

11:10-11:30     Tea Break

11:10-11:30     “Gambir and its Frontiers in the Southeast Asian Archipelago” Kei Nishimura

11:50-12:10     “Complex Realities of Sweet Bananas: A Commodity for Thought on the Crossroad between the Philippines and Japan” Masako Ishii

12:10-13:20     Lunch Break

13:20-13:30     Comments from Southeast Asian Studies in Japan: Noriyuki Osada

13:30-13:40     Comments from Commodity Studies: TBA

13:40-14:00     Comments: Anthony Reid

14:00-14:20     Open Discussion

14:20-14:30     Closing remarks: Atsushi Ota



If you wish to attend this event either in-person or online, please register by June 30 (20:00) using the form above. Due to limited space at the venue, registration may not guarantee in-person attendance. If the number of registered persons exceeds the room capacity, the organizers will send out a notification on July 1.

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