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May 30, 2017
The Policy on Establishment of Local Codes for Practicing "New Ways of Life" in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam OIZUMI Sayaka 5
[Book Reviews]
MINOO Arihiro, The Anthropology of Fair Trade: The Everyday Life and the Cooperatives of Coffee-Producing Villages in the Bolaven Plateau of Lao PDR IWASA Mitsuhiro 27
TSUDA Koji SAKURADA Ryoko and FUSHIKI Kaori, eds., Describing "Something Chinese": Antholopological Analysis Based on an Action-Centered Approach MATSUMURA Toshio 33
KAIDA Machiko, SATAKE Masaaki, NAGATSU Kazufumi and HATAYA Noriko, eds., Global Studies from People's Perspectives: In Search of Philosophy and Practice of Co-existence OKUMURA Misa 38
NONAKA Yo, Muslim Fashion in Indonesia: Why Have Islamic Veils Become Colorful in Indonesia? SHIOYA Momo 43
IWAI Misaki, ONO Mikiko and OTA Shoichi, The Emergence of "New Economic Village" in Vietnam TERAMOTO Minoru 47
Sari K. Ishii, ed., Marriage Migration in Asia: Emerging Minorities at the Frontiers of Nation-States IWAI Misaki 53
OGAWA Hisashi, Dynamism over the "True" Islam: Religious Ethnography of a Muslim Village in Southern Thailand SHIBAYAMA Shinjiro 57
NAGANO Yoshiko, Japan-Pholippines Historical Dialogue in the Age of Globalization UCHIYAMA Fumiko 63
KURASAWA Aiko, ed., Consuming Indonesia: Consumption in Indonesia in the Early 21st Century FUKUTAKE Shintaro 68
SUZUKI Yuki, "Sea Gypsies" in Transition: An Ethnography of the Moken before and after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami KATO Kumiko 73
NISHI Yoshimi, Post-Conflict Reconstruction through Post-Disaster Reconstruction: 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Aceh Conflict KAMEYAMA Eriko 78
SUEHIRO Akira, In Search of Emerging Asian Economies: Beyond Catch-up Type Industrialization SAKURAI Hiroaki 83
TAWARA Kanji, Postcolonial Archaeology of Vietnam: Beyond the "Chinese Model" and the "Vietnamese Model" YAMAGATA Mariko 88