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May 30, 2016
Controversies around Malayness in British Malaya during the 1930s: An analysis on drawl newspaper Majlis TSUBOI Yuji 5
The “Function” of Religion in the State-led Islamic Education: Reconsideration of “Islamization” in Malaysia KUSHIMOTO Hiroko 25
Formation of Mon Sangha Orders in Myanmar after the 1980s: The Pan-ethnicist Movement Concerning Buddhist Learning and the Vernacular WADA Michihiro 44
Japanese Advisory Body Placed in Ba Maw Government (Burma) TAKESHIMA Yoshinari 69
Civil Freight Transport on Thai Railways during World War II: Strengthening the Role of the West Bank Line KAKIZAKI Ichiro 86
[Book Reviews]
HONNA Jun, Paradox of Democratization: Indonesian Politics and Beyond IMAMURA Sachiko 108
MORISHITA Akiko, Resources, Politics and Violence: Local Politics in Contemporary Indonesia FUJITA Wataru 113
OKADA Taihei, Contours of “Benevolence”: A Social History of Education in the Colonial Philippines SUZUKI Nobutaka 118
MIICHI Ken, The Religious Market and Politics in Contemporary Indonesia NONAKA Yo 124
NISHII Ryoko, Ethnography of Affectus: Feeling, Relating, Living in a Southern Thai Village SUZUKI Yuki 129
SETO Hiroyuki, Center-Local Relationship in Lao PDR: Local Administration of Provincial Governor under the Lao People's Revolutionary Party YANO Junko 133
NEMOTO Kei, Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma: The Road Towards Democracy and National Reconciliation KASEDA Tomoko 138
ISHII Yoneo, A Separate “King and I” Story (with commentary by IIJIMA Akiko, “Inside and Outside the King's Realm: The ‘World’ of Mid-nineteenth Century Siam”) KAWAGUCHI Hiroshi 143
KURAMOTO Ryosuke, The Life of Monks in Myanmar's Theravada Buddhist Society KOJIMA Takahiro 149
ITO Masako and YOSHII Michiko, eds., Deception in the Export of Nuclear Technology from Japan to Vietnam: Behind the Scenes of a “Friendship” NEMOTO Kei 154
SUGISHIMA Takashi, ed., Anthropology of Multiple-Game Situation: Its Conception and Practice in Southeast Asia KATO Atsufumi 159
OTA Atsushi, Transformation of the Early-Modern Southeast Asian World: Global Economy and the Local Society of Java SHIMADA Ryuto 164
KUBO Tadayuki, Anthropology of Refugees: Displacement and Resettlement of Karenni Refugees on the Thai-Burma Border WADA Michihiro 168
MAKI Norio and YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki, eds., International Cooperation and Disaster Mitigation: Reconstructing, Rehabilitating and Regenerating ISHII Masako 174
OKAMOTO Masaaki, Politics of Violence and Adaptation: Democratization and Local Politics of Stabilization in Indonesia KURASAWA Aiko 177
[Introducing Source Material]
Gi-butai Shireibu (39th Army HQ), Taikoku Heiyouchishi (Military Geography of Thailand) KANO Hiroshi 182