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May 30, 2015
Comparative Study of Myanmar Village Society: Japan, Thailand, and Myanmar TAKAHASHI Akio 5
Dhyāna Mudrā Buddha Images and Their Arrangement: The Decorative Bas-reliefs around the Doorways of Preah Khan in Angkor KUBO Makiko 27
Dayak Politics in Anti-Chinese Demonstration of 1967, West Kalimantan, Indonesia MATSUMURA Toshio 45
The Formation of Correct Religion in South Vietnam during Ngo Dinh Diem's Era: Focusing on the Case of Cao Dai KITAZAWA Naohiro 64
The Reign and the Royal Authority in King Balitung's Period (898-c.910): An Analysis of Old Javanese Inscriptions from the 9th and 10th Centuries YAMASAKI Miho 83
Beginning and Possibilities of Occupational Caregivers: A Case Study of Pramurukti Training in Urban Yogyakarta, Indonesia GOCHI Sachiko 101
An Introductory Study of the Correspondences between Cambodia and Japan in the Early 17th Century KITAGAWA Takako and OKAMOTO Makoto 120
[Book Reviews]
Loh Wei Leng, Badriyah Haji Salleh, Mahani Musa, Wong Yee Tuan and Marcus Langdon, eds., Biographical Dictionary of Mercantile Personalities of Penang HARA Fujio 142
HAYASE Shinzo, Japanese in the Philippine Modern History: Immigrants and Imported Goods in a Colonial Society SUZUKI Nobutaka 146
KAWAGUCHI Hiroshi, The Last Phase of Early Modern Thailand in the Historical Sources: Administrative Documents and Politics in the Early Rattanakosin Period TAMADA Yoshifumi 150
ITO Miho, Education for Minorities and Their School Choices: Identity Politics of “Ethnicity” in Vietnam OIZUMI Sayaka 156
KITAMURA Yumi, Re-creating Culture of Chinese Indonesians in the Post-Suharto Era KATAOKA Tatsuki 161
KIKUCHI Seiichi, ed., A Study on Handscrolls Representing the Red Seal Ships Trade TAKAHASHI Kimiaki 165
Christian Daniels, ed., The History and Culture of Upland Peoples in Mainland Southeast Asia IKOMA Miki 168
Christian Daniels, ed., The History and Culture of Upland Peoples in Mainland Southeast Asia NIMONJIYA Shu 173
NAKAMURA Mitsuo, The Crescent Arises over the Banyan Tree: A Study of the Muhammadiyah Movement in a Central Javanese Town, c.1910s-2010 KOBAYASHI Yasuko 178
TAKADA Yoko, The Making of Large Landholding in the Mekong Delta during the French Colonial Period SHIMOJO Hisashi 184
NAMBA Chizuru, Français et Japonais en Indochine (1940-1945): Colonisation, propagande et rivalité culturelle OKADA Tomokazu 189
MOMOKI Shiro, The Formation and Transformation of the Medieval State of Đại Việt: a Vietnamese History during the Lý-Trần Period within Regional Histories SHIMAO Minoru 194
KUSHIMOTO Hiroko, Transformation of the Culture of Islamic Learning: Muslim Society and the Modern Educational System in Malaysia NAKATA Yuki 198
ITO Tomomi, Modern Thai Buddhism and Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu: A Social History YANO Hidetake 203
KAGAMI Haruya, ed., Multi-Ethnic Indonesia: Succession of the Culture and Identity YAMAGUCHI Motoki 208
SHIMIZU Hiromu, Grass-root Globalization: Cultural Practice and Life Strategy at a World Heritage Village in Northern Luzon HAYAMA Atsuko 212
Huang Yun, Chinese Religious Organization and the Belief of Spirit-writing in Southeast Asia: Development and Expansion of Dejiao LIN Yu-Sheng 216
KOJIMA Takahiro, Borderland Buddhism: An Ethnography of Theravada Buddhist Practices across the China-Myanmar National Boundary MURAKAMI Tadayoshi 222
KURASAWA Aiko, 9.30, The Day that Shook the World: The Facts and Repercussions of Indonesian Coup MATSUMURA Toshio 226