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May 30, 2014
The Enemy Property Transfer Issue in Burma during the Japanese Occupation Period: Friction between Japan and the Ba Maw Government TAKESHIMA Yoshinari 5
Political Intention of Collecting and Publishing Ethnic Minorities' Folk-literature in Socialist Vietnam: A Case Study of the Muong's Mo Prayer OIZUMI Sayaka 23
Business by Violence: Economic Collaboration in Leyte during the Japanese Occupation ARA Satoshi 44
An Analysis on the Characteristic of a Modern Myanmar Secular State with Special Reference to the Provisions on Religious Affairs and the Preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (2008) OKUDAIRA, Ryuji 69
“The Rebellion” of Srok Srae in 1885 KITAGAWA Takako 87
[Book Reviews]
TAKAHASHI Akio, State and People of Myanmar: A Comparative Study on Village Societies in Myanmar and Japan ITO Toshikatsu 117
SUGAHARA Yumi, Javanese Religious Movements under Dutch Colonial Rule: Islamization in 19th Century Manuscripts HIROSUE Masashi 121
Sai Kham Mong, Shan Thammasat Manuscripts OKUDAIRA, Ryuji 126
NABEKURA Satoshi, Ethnicity and Public Housing Estates: A Sociological Study of Multiracialism in Singapore OKUMURA Misa 130
KUSAKA Wataru, Anti-Civic Politics: Morality and Inequality in the Philippine Democracy MIKAMO Shingo 135
Jafar Suryomenggolo, Organising under the Revolution: Unions and the State in Java, 1945-48 KOCHI Kaoru 139
MORITA Atsuro, Engineering in the Wild: Ethnography of Humans and Artifacts in the Thai Small-scale Machine Industry KAKIZAKI Ichiro 143
NAGATAAtsumasa, An Ethnography of Transnational Filipinos ISHII Masako 147
KURASAWA Aiko, Post War Japan Indonesia Relations TOSABAYASHI Keita 151
YANO Junko, Impact of National Language Formation upon Nation-Building: The Laotian Civil War Period YAMADA Norihiko 155
KASHINAGA Masao, The Tai Dam Chronicle ‘Tay Pu Xac’ KATO Kumiko 159
MIURA Keiko, Living with Angkor Heritage TASHIRO Akiko 164
TAMURA Keiko, Politics and Languages in Singapore, a Multiethnic Nation: 25 Years of “Vanished” Nanyang University KAMIYA Shigeko 167