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May 30, 2013
The Dilemma of Ulama in Malaysia: The Controversy on Kafir Declaration and Official Fatwas between UMNO and PAS in 1980s SHIOZAKI Yuki 5
Discussion on the Standardization of Weights and Measures in Northern Vietnam during the Colonial Period and Its Background SEKIMOTO Noriko 32
[Latest Research Trend]
Introduction to the Study of Monetary System in the 18-19th Century Southeast Asia: Basing upon Burmese Experience SAITO Teruko 59
[Book Reviews]
INOUE Sayuri, The Formation of Genre in Burmese Classical Song OKUDAIRA Ryuji 80
Lydia N. YU-JOSE, ed., The Past, Love, Money and Much More: Philippines-Japan Relations since the End of the Second World War TAKAHATA Sachi 84
KAWASHIMA Midori, Minorities and the Nation-State: Muslims in the Philippines ISHII Masako 88
YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki, et al., eds., Bangsa and Umma: Development of People-grouping Concepts in Islamized Southeast Asia TSUBOI Yuji 91
AZUMA Kentaro, Anthropology of Reality and Alterity: Magic in a Modern Philippine Local City SEKI Koki 95
ITO Toshikatsu, ed., Myanmar: A Nation State YABU Shiro 99
SHIRAISHI Masaya, Việt Nam: Phan Bội Châu and Cường Để ITO Miho 103
IIKUNI Yukako, Gender and Religious Practice in Contemporary Myanmar TAKAHASHI Miwa 109
IGARASHI Seiichi, A New Perspective on Democratization and Civil Society: The Dynamism of Politics in the Philippines SUZUKI Ayame 113
HAYAMI Yoko, KOIZUMI Junko, Chalidaporn Songsamphan, and Ratana Tosakul, eds., The Family in Flux in Southeast Asia: Institution, Ideology, Practice KOIKE Makoto 118
NISHIMURA Masanari, Archaeology and Its Interdisciplinary Studies, “Kodaigaku” of Vietnam TABATA Yukitsugu and UEDA Shinya 122
GOTO Ken’ichi, Modern Japan as Seen from Southeast Asia: “Southern Advance,” Occupation and Historical Consciousness of Decolonization KOZANO Yako 127