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May 30, 2012
Formation of the Concept of ‘Bamar Muslims’ in Myanmar during the Period of Uplift of Nationalism in the 1930s SAITO Ayako 5
A Study of Bangkok National Museum during the Reign of King Rama VII (1925-1935): Focusing on the Role of Prince Damrong Rachanuphap HINATA Shinsuke 30
New Implication of FCDI: An Analysis of the Recognition among Japanese Diplomats SHIMABAYASHI Takaki 61
[Latest Research Trend]
Surviving through the Era of Global Crisis with Southeast Asian Studies: After Victor Lieberman OHASHI Atsuko 84
Area Studies of Disaster Management: In Search of Southeast Asian Studies in the “Age of Humanitarian Assistance” YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki 105
[Book Reviews]
MASUHARA Ayako, The End of Personal Rule in Indonesia: Golkar and the Transformation of the Suharto Regime NONAKA Yo 125
TSUDA Koji, The Ethnography of “Chineseness”: Fieldwork in a Local Town in Indonesia in the Era of Changing Order KUDO Hiroko 129
FURUTA Motoo, The birth of Doi Moi KATO Atsufumi 133
NAGASAKA Itaru, Ethnography of Transnational Filipino Villagers: Anthropology of Transnationalism AZUMA Kentaro 137
WANG Liulan, Yunnan Muslims Living Across the Border: Symbiosis and Networking in Northern Thailand YOSHIMATSU Kumiko 141
YAMAGUCHI Hiroko, Living “True Histories”: Anthropology of History-telling Practices among the Buton in Eastern Indonesia ITO Makoto 145
Johann ANGERLER, Bius, Parbaringin und Paniaran: Über Demokratie und Religion bei den Toba Batak Nordsumatras HIROSUE Masashi 149
ONO Rintaro, Fishing and Subsistence Strategies in the Celebes Sea: Ethno-Archaeological Approach to Area Studies AKAMINE Jun 153
KOBAYASHI Satoru, Reconfiguring Cambodian Rural Villages MATSUI Naruko 158
NEMOTO Kei, Between Resistance and Collaboration: Britain and Japan in the Modern History of Burma OSADA Noriyuki 162
William R.ROFF, Studies on Islam and Society in Southeast Asia SHIOZAKI Yuki 167
NAKANO Ari, Human Rights in Vietnam: the Possibility of Pluralist Democracy ENDO Satoshi 171