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May 30, 2011
The Concept of the State of an Islamic Intellectual in the Philippines during the 1950-60s: History of Islam in the Philippines by Ahmad Bashir KAWASHIMA Midori 5
School Strikes in the Philippines under U.S. Colonialism: With a Particular Focus on the 1930 High School Strike in Manila OKADA Taihei 27
Between Benevolent Spirits and Evil Spirits: An Anthropological Study on Guardian Spirits in Northeastern Thailand TSUMURA Fumihiko 54
Urban Anthropology on Activities of Home Village Association in Hanoi, Capital of Vietnam: Association’s Religious Activities in Urban Society and Ruralurban Relationship NAGASAKA Yasuyo 79
The Influence of Former Masyumi Leaders on the Early Stage of Dakwah Movement in Indonesian Universities NONAKA Yo 100
The Place of ‘Traditional Medicine’ in the Modern History of Vietnam: How ‘National Medicine’ Came into Being ODA Nara 126
Jeux Interdits in Kompong-Cham, 1916 KITAGAWA Takako 145
[Book Reviews]
NAKANISHI Yoshihiro, The Power Structure of Burma: Civil-Military Relations in Ne Win Regime, 1962-1988 TAKAHASHI Akio 165
KAKIZAKI Ichiro, The Political Economy of Railways and Highways: Transport Policy and Commodity Flow in Thailand, 1935-1975; Rails of the Kingdom: The History of Thai Railways KANO Hiroshi 171
SUZUKI Ayame, Freedom and Order in “Democracies”: Reconsidering Malaysia's Political Regime YAMAMOTO Hiroyuki 175
OHASHI Atsuko, The Global Economy and a Local Society: Sweets and Bitters of People in West Java, 1700-1830 FUJITA Eri 179
NAGAI Hitoshi, The War Crimes Trials and Japan-Philippines Relations, 1945-1953 NAKANO Satoshi 183
HAYASE Shinzo, A Walk through War Memories in Southeast Asia TAKAHASHI Shigehito 187