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May 30, 2010
The Social Impact of Development Aid on Indigenous Peoples: A Case Study of the Palaw'an Communities of the Philippines MORIYA Yumiko 5
The Conversion to Islam of Cambodian King Ramadhipati I and the Development of Malay Trade Networks from the Perspective of the Dutch East Indian Company ENDO Masayuki 28
Japanese Military Transport on Thai Railways during World War II: An Analysis of Military Train Schedules KAKIZAKI Ichiro 52
The Inhabitants and Maps of Srok Chamkar KITAGAWA Takako 86
Vietnam’s Agricultural Reforms in Preparation for WTO Accession: Socialist ideology in Globalization OKAE Takashi 109
[Book Reviews]
KOBAYASHI Yasuko, Islam in Indonesia: The Localization and Revitalization of a Global Religion KUNIYA Toru 134
SAITO Teruko, Changing Rural Societies in Southeast Asia ITO Toshikatsu 138
JAPAN SOCIETY FOR SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES, ed., The Development of Southeast Asian History in Japan SUZUKI Tsuneyuki 142
TUBOUCHI Yoshihiro, The Formation of Multi-Ethnic Societies in Southeast Asia TUBOI Yuji 147
HAYASE Shinzo, The Unfinished Philippine Revolution and Colonization MIYAWAKI Satoshi 151
HARA Fujio, Unfulfilled International Cooperation: The Malayan Communist Party and Its Overseas Affiliates SHINOZAKI Kaori 154
MOMOKI Shiro, Comprehensible, Interesting and Useful History: Revitalizing Historical Research and Education ISHIBASHI Isao 158
YAO Takao, Politics and Society in Early Le Dynasty Vietnam UEDA Shinya 161
AKASI Yoji and YOSHIMURA Mako ed., New Perspectives on the Japanese Occupation in Malaya and Singapore, 1941-1945 MATSUTANI Satoshi 165
Dominik Bonatz, John Miksic, J. David Neidel and Mai Lin Tjoa-Bonatz ed., From Distant Tales: Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Highlands of Sumatra KURE Katsutoshi 169