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May 30, 2008
Civilization, Law, and Race: The Drafting Process of the "Japanese Law" and the Debate over Civilization YOSHIDA Makoto 3
Creation Techniques and the Differentiation of Genres in Burmese Classical Songs: From Kyo Songs to Patpyo Songs INOUE Sayuri 28
The Transnational Development of the Dejiao Organization and the Extension of its Network HUANG Yun 60
[International Symposium Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Society]
An Introduction to the International Symposium: Recent Trends in Southeast Asian History HIROSUE Masashi 85
Rethinking Legal and Illegal Economy: A Case Study of Tin Mining in Bangka Island Erwiza Erman 91
Historical Relations between the Chams and the Malays: Sustaining Common Identity, Culture and Ethnicity through Two Millennia of Relations Danny WONG Tze Ken 112
Cooperations, Compromise, and Network-making: State-Society Relationship in the Sultanate of Banten, 1750-1808 OTA Atsushi 137
[Book Reviews]
FUKUDA Tadahiro, The Revolutionary Movements in South Vietnam after the Geneve Conference (1954-60) SHOJI Tomotaka 166
Noorhaidi Hasan, Laskar Jihad: Islam, Militancy, and the Quest for Identity in Post-New Order Indonesia KOBAYASHI Yasuko 171
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 2006—Oct. 2007) 177