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May 30, 2006
The Missionary Work of the Société des Missions Étrangères de Paris and its Catechists in Vietnam: The Tonkinese Christian Community from the End of the 18th to the First Half of the 19th Centuries MAKINO Motonori 3
The Formation of THE SYSTEM OF CORRELATION OF MAN AND HIS ENVIRONMENT: The State Ideology of Ne Win Regime and Military Politics NAKANISHI Yoshihiro 22
Thamnop Irrigation and the Evolution of “Rain-fed” Rice in Northeast Thailand FUKUI Hayao,
CHUMPHON, Naewchampa,
Policy Conflict over the U.S. Intervention in Myanmar and the “Reconstructions of the Past”: Based on the Analysis of Contradictory Descriptions in the U.S. Official Documents related to the Human Rights Practices and Narcotics Control KUMADA Tohru 74
The Origin of RT/RW System in the New Order: Legislation of Jakarta's RT/RW in 1966 KOBAYASHI Kazuo 103
Transforming the State-Society Relationship fromt the Village in Post-Suharto Indonesia: The Case of Village N, Bandung District, West Java ITO Takeshi 135
[Book Reviews]
MORIYAMA Mikihiro, Sundanese Print Culture and Modernity in 19th Century West Java SUGAHARA Yumi 169
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 2004—Oct. 2005) 173