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May 30, 2004
The Place of Immigrants in the Formation of the “Malay” Framewok in British Malaya: The Case of Local Chiefs (Penghulus) in Selangor TSUBOI Y. 3
Some Aspects of Institutionalized Gotong Royong: The Enhancement of Neighborhood Associations, RT/RK, in Jakarta in 1954—1955 KOBAYASHI K. 26
Introduction of a Public Education System into the Circonscription Residentielle de Kompong-Cham KITAGAWA T. 59
The “Spirit of Development” in Thailand under the Sarit Regime Through a Study of the Media KAWAMURA M. 81
[Latest Research Trends]
Passage or Emporium?: The Malacca Straits during the Yuan Period FUKAMI S. 100
Southeast Asia and the Cold War, 1961—1968: Indonesia, Malaysia, Regionalism SUZUKI Y. 119
[Review Articles]
In Search of “Southeast Asia” in Historical Studies: A Review of the Supplementary volume of The Iwanami History of Southeast Asia YOSHIZAWA S. 137
Tamada Y., Democratization in Thailand: Grappling with Realities ASAMI Y. 146
[Book Reviews]
Tony Day, Fluid Irons: State Formation in Southeast Asia KOIZUMI J. 157
HAYASE S., History of Maritime Islam Society: Mindanao Ethno-history FUJITA K. 160
Selo Soemardjan (ed.), Nakamura M. et al. (trans.), Kisah Perjuangan Reformasi KOCHI K. 164
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 2002—Oct. 2003) 167