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May 30, 2003
Priyayi Islamic Assertions under Dutch Rule in the Middle of the 19th Century: A Study of the Discourse on the Ahmad Rifa'ii Movement in the Northern Coast of Java SUGAHARA Y. 3
The Subject in Vietnamese Linguistics LE Hoang 28
[Review Articles]
Kurasawa Aiko (ed.), The Japanese Occupation in the Southeast Asian History TAKESHIMA Y. 45
(The Iwanami History of Southeast Asia)
In Search of “Ancient” and “Medieval” Southeat Asia: A Review of Vols. 1 and 2 of Iwanami History of Southeast Asia NISHIMURA M.,
Aspects of Early Modern Southeast Asia: A Review of Vol. 3 to 5 of Iwanami History of Southeat Asia HASUDA T. 88
The Images of Economic History in Southeast Asia that Have Spread Inside and Outside the Region: Kano Hiroyoshi (ed.), Iwanami History of Southeast Asia Vol. 6, Prosperity and Decline of the Colonial Economy AKASAKI Y. 105
The Study of Nationalism in Southeast Asia: A Review on Vol. 7 to 9 of Iwanami History of Southeast Asia NISHI Y. 118
[Book Reviews]
Thant Myint-U, The Making of Modern Burma NEMOTO K. 133
Barbara Watson Andaya & Leonard Y. Andaya, A History of Malaysia (second edition) NISHIO K. 136
Po Dharma, Gerard Moussay, Abdul Karim, Koleksi Manuscrip Melayu Campa (Collection des Manuscrits Cam) SHIN'E T. 138
Kawakami Ikuo, Families That Cross Borders: Lives of Vietnamese in Japan FURUYA H. 140
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 2001—Oct. 2002) 143