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May 30, 2002
[Special Lecture of the 66th Conference]
New Developments in the History of the Angkor Dynasty: A Report on the Discovery of the 274 Discarded Buddhist Statues and Stone Pillars of a Thousand Seated Buddhas (Special Lecture of the 66th Conference) Ishizawa, Y. 3
The Siamese Royal Agent in Singapore: The Activities of Tan Kim Ching Miyata, T. 27
The Emergence of Bajau Identity in British North Borneo (Sabah) Yamamoto, H. 57
A Note on the Early History of Lingnan and Northern Vietnam Yoshikai, M. 79
Kamishibai as a Military Propaganda Tool: A Case Study of Indonesia under Japanese Occupation (1942—45) Momose, Y. 97
[Latest Research Trends]
Siam in Old Javanese Literature: In Search of a New Intepretation of Siamese History Ishii, Y. 113
[Book Reviews]
Yamamoto, T. (ed.), Iwanami Lecture Series: History of Southeast Asia, Vol.1: Proto-History of Southeast Asia Tsuruma, K. 119
Barbara Andaya (ed.), Other Pasts: Women, Gender and History in Early Modern Southeast Asia Hayami, Y. 123
Nakamura Mitsuo, Sharon Siddique and Omar Farouk Bajunid (eds.), Islam and Civil Society in Southeast Asia Fukuda, M. 127
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 2000—Oct. 2001) 132