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June 1, 2000
Military Intervention in Myanmar Politics: The Dichotomy of National and Party Politics INO, K. 3
The Mentality of the “Children of Development Policy” as Reflected by the Indonesian Best Seller Pop Novel Series LUPUS TAKESHITA, A. 27
The Diplomatic Struggles of the Vietnam Labor Party: The Paris Private Meetings (1968—1969) ENDO, S. 54
The Creation of a Philippine National Language: Discussions during the Philippine Constitutional Convention of 1934 UCHIYAMA, F. 81
Land Tenure Reform in Upper Colonial Burma MIZUNO, A. 105
[Latest Research Trends]
Engendering Thai History: “I do not wish my people to be ‘that’” IIJIMA, A.,
[Book Reviews]
IKEHATA S. (ed.), A History of Southeast Asia II: Insular Southeast Asia; ISHIZAWA Y. and IKUTA S., Southeast Asia from Prehistory to 1800: Tradition and Development AOYAMA, T. 153
OHASI H. (ed.), Cambodia: The Dynamics of Its Society and Culture KOBAYASI, S. 159
SUENARI M., Social Life and Ancestors in a Vietnamese Village on the Outskirts of Hanoi KAWAKAMI, T. 161
VICKERY, M., Society, Economics, and Politics in Pre-Angkor Cambodia: The 7th—8th Centuries KITAGAWA, T. 164
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1998—Oct. 1999) 169