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June 1, 1999
Modernization of Bureaucracy and Education in Thailand, 1892—1932 TAMADA, Y. 3
The Administrative Systems of the Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms HAYASHI, K. 28
Sino-Vietnamese Readings included in the Dictionary of Alexandre de Rhodes SHIMIZU, M. 55
The Anti Sihanouk Coup d'etat in the Context of the Vietnam War NOGUCHI, H. 81
Molam Phifa in Northern Thailand: Indigenous Notion of Religeous Believes KATO, M 104
[Book Reviews]
Ikuta, S., The Moluccas in the Early History of European Expansion: The Struggle among Portugal, Spain and Ternate over the Clove Trade, 1520—1539 FUJITA, A. 131
Shintani, T. (ed.), Golden Quardrangle — History, Language and Ethnic Groups in Tai Cultural Sphere BABA, Y. 135
Uemura, Y., World Depression and Javanese Rulal Society OHASHI, A. 139
Ino, K., The Burmese Peasant Rebellion against British Colonial Rule: 1930—32 TAKAGI, R. 143
Shimizu, H. and Hirakawa, H., Karayuki-san and Japan's Economic Advance: A History of Japan-Singapore Relations in the world Economy AKASHI, Y. 147
Reid, A. (ed.), The Last Stand of Asian Autonomies: Responses to Modernity in the Diverse States of Southeast Asia and Korea, 1750-1900 MOMOKI, S. 149
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1997—Oct. 1998) 153