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June 1, 1998
Transformation of Ownership of Land Holdings in a Village of South Vietnam: Effects of Argarian Reforms in Khanh Hau village ONO, M. 3
Collection of Taxes and Fees by Vietnamese Agricultural Cooperatives: Case of One Cooperative in Nam Dinh Province MATSUO, N. 28
Capitals of the Post-Angkor Period Longvek and Oudong KITAGAWA, T. 48
Japanese Language Education Policy in Malaya under the Japanese Military Administration: the Case of Malaya in the History of Teaching Japanese MATSUNAGA, T. 73
The Education of Kokumin Gakkô (Sekolah Rakjet) in Java under the Japanese Occupation: As Reflected in the Textbooks of Kokumin Gakkô INUI, C. 97
[Review Article]
Tarekat in the Contexts of Indonesian History: Martin van Bruinessen's work on tarekat in Indonesia KOBAYASHI, Y. 112
[Book Reviews]
G. A. MAY: Inventing a Hero: The Posthumaous Re-Creation of Anders Bonifacio TERAMI, M. 136
Hara F., Malayan Chinese and China, Conversion in Identity Consciousness, 1945—1957 MATSUTANI, E. 140
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1996—Oct. 1997) 143