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June 1, 1997
In What Way We Shoud Write History of Southeast Asia: Special lecture on the 30th anniversary research conference YAMAMOTO, T. 3
Dutch Colonial Rule and Development of Paddy Fields in Priangan Java: About the 1820s OHASHI, A. 14
Java's Village Headmen under the Japanese Occupation KOZONO, Y. 37
Transportation Development in Thailand 1897—1932: Mapping of Time-distance from Bangkok KAKIZAKI, I. 59
A Study on Khwan Khithen (Opinion) during Siam Revolution in 1932 SUGIYAMA, S. 88
“Dhamma” Study and Practice in Contemporary Thai Buddhism: Thoughts of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu ITO, T. 113
[Book Reviews]
Setsuho Ikehata (ed.), Philippine under the Japanese Occupation KATAYAMA, Y. 137
Eiji Murashima, Kanmuang Jin Sayam: Khluangwai Thang Kanmuang Khong Chaw Jin Phon Thale nai Prathet Thai MIYATA, T. 144
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1995—Oct. 1996) 155