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June 1, 1995
The Notion of the Vietnamese Language and “Chinese Characters” in Tap chi Nam Phong Iwatsuki, J. 3
Foreign Policy toward Ch'ing by Rama I. Masuda, E. 25
The Seance Ritual in a Chinese Temple in Singapore: A Study of Clients and the Content of their Requests Nenuno, A. 49
The Muhammadiyah Movement in Aceh in the Dutch Colonial Period Toshimitsu, M. 76
A Note on the Sittans of Hanthawadi Province Iwaki, T. 100
[Latest Research Trends: From 13th Conference of the IAHA (Sep. 1994)]
Indigenous Southeast Asian Historiography: A Colloquium Ikehata, S. 126
Southeast Asia in the 18th Century Sakurai, Y. 136
[Book Reviews]
Denys Lombard, Le carrefour javanais: Esai d'histoire globale Yamamoto, T. 141
Ikehata S. (ed.), Changing images of Southeast Asian History Yao, T. 145
Yoshikawa T., Burma-Thailand Railway — the Asian Pacific war as seen through secret documents — Kuroda, K. 147
Mayoury and Pheuiphanh Ngaosyvathn, Kith and Kin Politics: The Relationship between Laos and Thaikand Koizumi, J. 150
Shiro Saito, Japanese Contributions to Southeast Asian Studies Ishii, K. 152
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1993—Oct. 1994) 155