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June 1, 1994
On the Malay Version of Robinson Crusoe: An Introduction to the Study of Translated Literature Oshikawa, N. 3
Land Administration in Perak Mizushima, T. 22
Les Titles du Cambodge Post-Angkorien Kitagawa, T. 43
[Review Articles]
KURASHAWA A., Social Changes in Rural Java under the Japanese Occupation Chua, S. 63
[Latest Research Trends]
Western Books on the History of Southeast Asia Published in 1993 Ikuta, S. 82
Research Trends and Achievements of the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines Terami, M. 96
[Book Reviews]
Tsuchiya K., Kartini's Image of Java's Landscape Hotta, K. 113
Hamashita T. and Kawakatsu H.(eds.), Asian Trede Zones and JapaneseIndustrialization 1500-1900 Momoki, S. 116
Yoshikawa Y., Japan-Philippine Relations, 1949—1956: War Reparations Question and Peace Settlement Katayama, Y. 118
Tanabe S. (ed.), Anthropology of Practical Religion: The World of Theravāda Buddhism Yamashita, S. 121
Shiraishi M., Vietnamese Nationalism and Its Relations with Japan and Asia, Phan Boi Chau's Ideas of Revolution and the World Miyazawa, C. 125
[Rare Collections of Research Materials Related to Southeast Asia]
Osaka University of Foreign Studies Yoshikawa, T. 129
Keio University Shimao, M. 130
Oriental Library Ikehata, S. 133
Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Ikehata, S. 135
Institute of Oriental Culture, Tokyo University Kano, H. 137
Collections Relating to Contemporary Vietnamese History Furuta, M. 141
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1992-Oct. 1993) 144