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June 1, 1993
Port of Trade Polities and Hinterlands in North Sumatra Hirosue, M. 3
Manpower Control in Mid-Nineteenth Cenyury Nakhon Ratchasima Koizumi, J. 36
The Hizen Ware Trade, The Relationship of the Zheng Kingdom to the Banten Sultanate Sakai, T. 67
An Underlying Aspect of Islamization in Java, Arabic Loan Words in Javanese Kobayashi, Y. 95
[Review Article]
In Search of an Autonomous History of Southeast Asia, A Review of Ishii Yoneo (ed.), History of Southeast Asia Ito, T. 122
[Latest Research Trends]
Dong Song and Sa Huỳnh Yokokura, M. 152
Research Methodology in Study of Southeast Asia History: An Example from Anthony Reid, Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680 Ohki, A. 173
A Concept of “Loose Structure” in Thai Studies Kitahara, A. 180
On Culturalism Tsuchiya, K. 201
[Book Reviews]
H. Wada (trans. and annot.), Chen-la feng-t'u-chi, M. Fujiyoshi (trans. and annot.), Chu-fan-chih Ohnishi, K. 219
Kathirithamby-Wells and John Villiers (eds.), The Southeast Asian Port and Polity, Rise and Demise Ishii, Y. 223
Y. Ishii (ed.), Adaptation and Transformation of Buddhism in Southeast Asia Okudaira, R. 226
A. Suehiro and M. Nambara, Thai Zaibatsu — Family Business and Management Reforms Koizumi, M. 230
S. Matsumoto and K. Kawamoto (eds.), Images and Influence of China in Southeast Asia Ichikawa, K. 232
Y. Ishii, N. Karashima and H. Wada (eds.), Historical Dimensions of State and Society in Southeast Asia Fukami, S. 234
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Nov. 1991-Oct. 1992) 237