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June 1, 1992
Borobudhur and the Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṃgraha: Acceptance of Esoteric Buddhism by the Śailendras K. Ishii 3
Military Expenditure Negotiations under the Japan-Thai Alliance Pact of 1941—1944 E. Murashima 30
A New Interpretation of the East-West Division of Majapahit in the Late Fourteenth Century T. Aoyama 65
Background to the Founding of the South Viet-Nam National Front for Liberation S. Ogura 88
Introduction of Public Elections in the Southern Philippines: On Structural Change in Muslim Societies M.Kawashima 116
[Review Article]
Burmese History Reconsidered: A Review of Recent Studies on Pre-modern Burma T. Iwaki 142
[Latest Research Trends]
Comal Project: A Comprehensive Study of the Recent Rural History of Java with the cooperation of Japan, the Netherlands and Indonesia H. Kano 161
[Book Reviews]
M.Kimura, Why Japan Closed ItsDoors: The Price Revolution in the Pan-Pacific, 1600—1650 N. Sugaya 181
A. Kitahara, Thai Peasant Society; M. Kuchiba (ed.), Don Daen, a Thai Village: Its Traditional Social Structure and Change Y. Takai 184
Y. Tsuboi, A History of Modern Vietnam, 1847—1883 M. Ohno 188
M. Furuta, A Historical Study of the Ethnic Policies of Vietnamese Communists H. Kurihara 191
[Rare Collections of Research Materials Related to Southeast Asia]
Aichi University T. Ito 194
The Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University Y. Kitano 196
Sophia University T. Terada 198
Tenri University Sankokan Museum T. Kamimura 200
Institute of Social Sciences, Waseda University K. Goto 202
[Miscellaneous News] 205
Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (Jan.—Oct. 1991) 212