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May 30, 1990
The Lower Delta of the Hổng Hà in the Early Years of the Lê Dynasty in Vietnam T. Yao 3
The Expulsion of Non-Christian Chinese Carried out by Governor Arandía in the Mid-eighteenth Century Philippines N. Sugaya 26
Studies on the Na-khi Tribe, Focus on Dr. J.F. Rock's Works N. Murai 43
“Aceh” (啞斉) and “Samudra” (蘇門答剌) in Tung Hsi Yang K'ao (東西洋考) S. Fukami 63
Securing Sumatra's Pepper Periphery: Resistance and Pacification in Lampun during the 18th and 19th Centuries J. Kingston 77
[Book Reviews]
T. Iwatake, Japanese Military Administration in Southeast Asia K. Ichikawa 105
K. Goto, Indonesia under the Japanese Occupation Y. Uemura 109
Leo F. Jansen, In Deze Halve Gevangenis, Dagboek van mr. dr. L. F. Jansen, Batavia/Djakarta 1942-1945 Y. Tominaga 113
A Review on the Recently Published Japanese Books in Southeast Asia Arts and Architectures D. Chihara 117
[Miscellaneous News]
The Burmese Manuscripts in the Libraty of Asiatic Society of Bengal R. Okudaira 122
Dutch-Japanese Symposium on the History of Dutch and Japanese Expansion A. Kurasawa 123
Japanese Cultural Policy in Southeast Asia during the World War II Y. Akashi 125
Third International Philippine Studies Conference T. Terada 127
Younger Student's Seminars on Vietnamese Studies (1983-89) T. Yao 129
Theses for the M.A. Degree in Burmese Literature in Burma M. Harada 132
The Bibliography on Southeast Asia Studies (1989) N. Matsuo,
K. Nishio