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May 30, 1989
The Sructure of Burmese Peasant Uprisings: The Case of the Myinmu Uprising in 1910 T. Ito 3
Japanese Film Propaganda in Java 1942—1945 A. Kurasawa 41
On Buddha's Footprints of King Mahadharmaraja I in Shukhodaya Kingdom S. Ito 70
Tan-ma-ling: Development of Nakhon Si Thammarat in the 13th Century S. Fukami 86
[Book Reviews]
Y. Shiratori, Ethnohistorical Studies of Southern China K. Hasegawa 99
R. Fujiwara, Studies in the History of Southeast Asia H. Wada 106
S. Ikehata, The Philippine Revolution and Catholocism T. Terada 111
K. Ichikawa, The Thai Resistance Movement under the Japanese Occupation O. Akagi 115
N. Ichikawa, The Society and the Economy of the Chinese in Southeast Asia K. Ichikawa 120
S. Iwao, The Japanese Immigrants in Island Southeast Asia under the Dutch in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries Y. Nagazumi 125
[Miscellaneous News]
The Rituals of Tai Lue in Sip Song Panna Y. Baba,
K. Kato
The First Meeting on Burma Studies in Japan T. Ohno 131
The Historical Documents in India, with Special Reference to the Burmese MSS in the Library of the Asiatic Society of Bengal at Calcutta R. Okudaira 132
International Symposium on “Sukhothai Experience” and on “Preservation and Development of Pagan” D. Chihara 135
Activities of the Forum for Research Materials on the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia A. Kurasawa 140
Notes of the Latest Indonesian Archaeology T. Sakai 143
Activities of Study Group on Islam in Southeast Asia (1988) M. Nakamura 148
11th Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA) K. Tsuchiya 150
Hiroshi Fukazawa M. Ooki 152
Yutaka Iwamoto Y. Ishii 153
Seiichi Iwao T. Nakamura 155
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (1988) S. Nara,
M. Shimao