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May 30, 1988
The Impact of the Opening of the Port og Saigon on Cochinchina's Economy M. Kikuchi 3
The Royal Line of the Palembang Sultanate Found in Malay Nanuscripts T. Suzuki 38
Early Local Administration through the Dutch Colonial Bureaucracy, A Case of Priangan, West Java A. Ōhashi 60
Problems of Studies on Yunnan History, The Retrospects and Prospects S. Kurihara 86
[Special Articles]
Analysis of the Time of Zhu Ying (朱応) and Kang Tai (康泰)'s Serving as Diplomatic Envoys to Funan (扶南) Chen Xian-Si 107
An Outline of the Relations between Viet Nam and Other Southeast Asian Countries in Ancient, Middle Age and Modern History Prof. Vǎn Tạo 115
[Book Reviews]
K. Gotō, Japan and Indonesia in the Prewar Showa Period Y. Akashi 130
K. Aoki, Private Notes on the Mail Situation in Dutch East Indies under the Japanese Occupation S. Sawakabu 134
[Miscellaneous News]
International Symposium on Borobudur Experience D. Chihara 137
Report on the Workshop South Sulawesi N. Maeda 139
From Sulawesi to Arnhem Land Y. Murai 141
Culture System and the Iwakura Mission to America and Europe N. Tanaka 145
Student Life in Malaysia T. Nomura 147
Activities of Study Group on Islam in Southeast Asia (1987) M. Nakamura 151
Activities of the Forum for Research Materials on the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia K. Gotō 153
Organization and Activities of the Committee of Social Science in SRVN S. Momoki 154
Christianisme et Societes Asiatiques Y. Ishizawa 156
Archaeological Research in Northeast Thailand E. Nitta 158
Was Thailand “an Allied State” or “a Dependent State” of Japan? T. Yoshikawa 161
Buddist Cleanup Movement in Burma R. Okudaira 163
“Sanyuejie” and Local Trade Areas in Dali, Yunnan K. Hasegawa 165
Area Studies on Southeast Asia by Kagoshima University Research Centre for the South Pacific T. Terada 169
Akira Nagazumi K. Ichikawa 172
Hiroaki Ogiwara S. Yabu 175
Rokurō Kuwata S. Nagaoka 177
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (1987) S. Hayase,
S. Nara