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May 30, 1987
The Millenarian Uprisings of Hesukristos in Philippine History S. Ikehata 3
Political Clientelism in the Philippines: Presidential Appointment and Its Political Process Y. Yoshikawa 37
The Rise of Modern Literature in Burma: The Kālapaẉ Vatthu's Relation with the Western Novel and the Traditional Vatthu K. Hotta 76
A Report on the Tasaday Controversy H. Shimizu 113
[Special Article]
Research on the Japanese Cultural Policy on the Eve of Japan's Southward Invasion S.K. chua 122
[Special Report]
The Retrospects and Prospects of Southeast Asian Studies in Japan K. Tsuchiya 146
[Book Reviews]
Heibonsha, Cyclopedia of South-East Asia S. Hayase 155
[Miscellaneous News]
Recent Studies on the Performing Arts in the Yunnan Area Y. Baba 158
On the History of Assam F. Nemoto 160
Recent Yunnan Thai Studies in China K. Hasegawa 164
A Report of “The Burma Research Group”/td> R. Okudaira 167
A Report of Field Research in Burma in 1986 S. Yabu 169
The International Conference on Burma Studies, Held for the First Time at Washington D.C. in 1986 T. Ohno 171
On Activities of the Forum for Research Materials on the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia K. Goto 174
Third Cambridge-Dehli-Leiden-Yogyakarta Conference A. Ohashi 175
A Report on Indonesian Studies in the 6th ASAA Conference T. Aoyama 178
A Report of the 32nd ICANAS T. Yamamoto 180
10th Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA) K. Ichikawa 182
Ethnomusicological Studies in Europe Y. Tanese 183
Activities of Study Group on Islam in Southeast Asia M. Nakamura 186
Hiroshima Univ. Meeting ofSoutheast Asian Studies Y. Uemura 187
Chubu Region Meeting of Southeast Asian Studies in 1986 Y. Akashi 188
A Report of JSSEAH Kansai Meeting (5) K. Onishi 189
A Report of JSSEAH Kanto Meeting (2) M. Shimao 190
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (1986) S. Hayase,
S. Nara