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May 20, 1986
How Dip P. Philastre, French Minister of Hué, See Vietnam Y. Tsuboi 3
Japanese Economic Policy toward Indochina, WW II. M. Shitaishi 28
Manila Hemp Industry in the Colonial Philippines S. Hayase 63
Thai History and Historiography, A Review Article K. Ichikawa 90
On the Lù-Chuān and the Mao-Shans in Rising Times M. Kida 107
[Special Articles]
On the Menpa People in Zuona Province, Tibet Suo Wen Qing 124
Revaluation on the Ancient Civilization in South China Sun Hua 141
[Book Reviews]
Shu Yun Tśiao and Chua Ser Koon eds., Malayan Chinese Resistance to Japan 1937-1945 —Selected Source Materials. Y. Akashi 147
H. Nakamura, Divorce in Java. Y. Tsubouchi 151
H. Mori and T. Suzuki Trs., Department Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan's Sejarah National Indonesia. N. Tanaka 153
The Burma Research Group ed., Burmese Studies in Japan 1868-1985 —Literary Guide and Bibliography. S. Ikuta 157
[Miscellaneous News]
Southeast Asian Studies in ANU M. Hirosue 159
Recent Historiography on Southeast Asia in China S. Kurihara 161
Second Cambridge-Dehli-Leiden-Yogyakarta Conference Y. Kobayashi 165
Recent Sunda Historiography in Bandon A. Ōhashi 168
Inspection for Preservation of Monuments in Indonesia D. Chihara 170
SPAFA Consultative Workshop on Srivijaya in Indonesia S. Itō 171
Prehistorical Potteries and Sarcophaguses in Java and Sumatra S. Sakai 175
“Collectie Hazeu” at the KITLV, Leiden A. Nagazumi 178
Universities in Mindanao S. Hayase 180
Recent Burmese Literature K. Hotta 182
Conditions for Overseas Students in Burma K. Nemoto 185
Historical Society, Thailand (Samaakhom Prawattisaat) O. Akagi 188
Committee for Social Sciences of Vietnam Pham Huy Thong 190
Dog Sacrifice and Dog Worship of the Meo in Thailand Y. Shiratori 193
National Academic Symposium for the She People in China S. Naganawa 197
Foemation of the Study Group on Islam in SEA M. Nakamura 199
Studies and Preservation of Historic Cities of SEA Y. Ishizawa 200
Musical Instruments of Thailand in Shōbi Gakuen Y. Tanese 202
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (1985) A. Kaji,
S. Itō