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June 1, 1985
The Administrative Institution and the Social Structure of Burma during Nyaungyan Dynasty T. Ohno 3
Checking Manugye (1782) with Manugye (1874) and Manuyin (1875) Than Tun 28
The Administration of Law and Justice in Seventeenth Century Aceh: Focussed on the Relationship between the Local Judicial Practice and Islamic Law T. Itō 44
On the Importance of “Traditional Fermented Food” in Southeast Asia N. Tanaka 67
Kalamba and Coffin —Recent Research on Funerary Method in Prehistoric Times of Indonesia T. Sakai 82
The Treatment of the “Japanese Occupation Era” in the Historical Studies of Modern Burma —J. Bečka's Dissertation as the main Example K. Nemoto 102
[Book Reviews]
Mitsuo Nakamura, The Crescent Arises over the Banyan Tree S. Imanaga 123
Xi Nan Yi Zhi Xuan (Historical Ethnography of Yi People in Southeast China) S. Kurihara 133
J. Ariyoshi ed. tr., N.J. Krom's History of Early Indonesia A. Aoyama 140
Selected edition of the Yao Documents on “Imperial Declaration Guo Chan Bang” Y. Shiratori 146
A.C. Milner, Kerajaan, Malay Political Culture on the Eve of Colonial Rule T. Suzuki 151
Hue-Tam Ho Tai, Millenarianism and Peasant Politics in Vietnam T. Yamamoto 153
[Miscellaneous Information]
ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni K. Ichikawa 157
The Origin of the Word ‘Padri’, A Revivalist Trend A. Nagazumi 158
Javanese Greetings H. Someya 160
An Approach to Javanese Personal Names K. Miyazaki 163
A Japanese who taught firstly Japanese Language in Indonesia K. Gotō 165
Some Subjects concerned with “Female-Anthropology” A. Kagiya 167
The International Conference on Thai Studies Y. Ishii 169
Brief Introduction of Dissertation on the Hill Swiddeners of North Thailand A. Yoshino 170
Recent Date of the Ban Chiang Culture C. Matsui 173
The 16th National Conference on Local-National History in the University of the Philippines, Diliman S. Hayase 175
Start of “Group for Studies of Burma” R. Okudaira 177
Recent Trends in Research on Minorities in Southwest China( 2.) S. Kurihara 180
On the “Scott-Popkin Debate” Y. Takada 183
A Report of JSSEAH Kansai Meeting, No.4 S. Momoki 187
Sophia Symposium, In Search of a New Ground for Asian Culture -Area Studies and Southeast Asia Y. Ishizawa 188
In Memoriam, Mr. Iwao Ariyoshi S. Nagaoka 191
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies
(Jan. to Dec. 1984)
A. Kaji,
S. Itō