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June 1, 1984
Tan Kah Kee —Spiritual Identity of Chinese in Abroad— K. Ichikawa 3
Zan-ha, Folk-poets, in the Sip Song Panna —A Case Study of the Complex-cultures in the Yunnan Area— Y. Baba 29
Printed Texts and Manuscript Copies of the Ốuoc Triều Hình Luật Y. Yamamoto 59
A Short Report on the Round Table Talk with the Chinese Scholars concerning the Ethnohistorical Problems of Minority Nationalities in South China Y. Shiratori 81
[Special Article]
The Introduction of the Studies of Minority Nationalities in China Hu Qi Wang,
Suo Wen Qing
[Book Reviews]
M. Bonneeff, et al., Pantjasila —Trente Années de Débats Polotiques en Indonésie— A. Nagazumi 107
Kuntowijoyo, Social Change in an Agrarian Society —Madura, 1850—1940— N. Tanaka 109
H. Tanaka (ed.), The Japanese Military Administration and Nationalist Movement in Asia T. Iwatake 117
Tai-zu she hui li shi diao cha (Xi-shuang-ban-na, I,3,4) K. Hasegawa 126
[Miscellaneous Information]
The 9th I.A.H.A. Conference in Manila A. Nagazumi 132
On SPAFA's Workshop on Archaeological and Environmental Studies on Srivijaya S. Itō 134
Southeast Asian Studies in the Philippines L.E. Bauzon 137
Some Impressions of Recent Researches on Muslim Filipinos T. Miura 141
A Brief Note on the Study of Thailand H. Moribe 145
The Present Situation of the Study of Thai Music Y. Tanase 149
An Outline of Burma Research —Especially on Religion— A. Kanabayashi 150
“Shura” is not an Experimental Thing, but a Living One I. Kurata 154
Notes on the Exploration to the East Coast of Northern Sumatra Y. Aoyagi 157
A Restart of the Institute of Buddhism in Phnom-Penh Y. Ishizawa 162
Some Problemes of Bronze Cultures in Ba-shu and Ling-nan K. Nishie 166
The Foundation of the Chinese Society of Folklore H. Kimishima 171
Late Trends in Okinawa Archaeology S. Asato 173
Mr. Tomokazu Miyoshi H. Ogawa 176
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies
(Jan. 1983 to Dec. 1983)
S. Itō,
A. Kaji