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June 5, 1983
The Introduction of the Indian Concept of Law into Ancient Law of Burma: Adaptation and Limitation R. Okudaira 3
An Ethno-historical Study of the Na-khi Tribe N. Murai 27
On Kachō in the Fiest Series of the Rekidai Hōan K. Takase 61
Early Two Types of the Japanese Military Administration in Southeast Asia T. Iwatake 91
[Book Reviews]
Y. Ishizawa, Recherches sur l'Histoire de Cambodge Ancien T. Yamamoto 139
Recent Publications of the Institute of Southeast Asian History, Sun Ya tsen University, China H. Wada 143
Khin Swe U, Doe Tain Thani (Our Motherland) K. Nemoto 147
Anuman Rajadhon, Fun Khwamlang (Thailand in Memory) S. Ito 151
M.R. Godley, The Mandarin-Capitalists from Nanyang K. Ichikawa 155
[Miscellaneous Information]
Bibliography on the Kongsi in Kalimantan S. Nagaoka 159
A Report on the Dragon Boat Festival in Hongkong by the Sophia University Research Group A. Kaji 162
Recent Trends in Research on Minorities in S.W. China K. Hasegawa,
S. Kurihara
A Report of JSSEAH Kanto Meeting M. Hirosue 167
A Report of JSSEAH Kansai Meeting, No.3 S. Momoki 169
Chubu Meeting of Southeast Asian Studies Y. Akashi 171
Hiroshima Univ. Meeting of Southeast Asian Studies S. Imanaga 173
In Memoriam, John M. Echols A. Nagazumi 177
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies
(Jan. 1982 to Dec. 1982)
A. Kaji,
S. Ito