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June 30, 1981
Sino-Burmese Relations, War to Peace, 1766—1790 C. Suzuki 3
The Śailendra Dynasty and Caṇḍi Borobudur Y. Iwamoto 17
Indochina's Role in Japan's “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” Y. Tabuchi 39
Mobilization and Regulation, on the Islam Propagande Campaign during Japanese Occupation in Java A. Kurasawa 69
On the Revolts of Pai-i 百夷 Lu ch'uan-man 麓川蛮 — Aspects of Suppression on the Border of Yunnan and local Reaction to it in the Beginning of Ming— M. Kida 122
The Transformation of the Eastern Toraja Society in Central Sulawesi and it's Religion M. Hirosue 142
[Book Reviews]
M.C. Subhadradis Diskul, The Art of Śrīvijaya S. Itō 174
Robustiano Echaúz', Sketches of the Island of Negros Y. Nagano 178
Anthony Reid and David Marr, Perceptions of the Past inSoutheast Asia A. Nagazumi 185
Some Comment on Mr. Y. Tabuchi's Article “Japan's Colonial Policy in Erench Indochina, 1940—41” T. Iwatake 189
[Miscellaneous Information]
A brief report on the Eighth Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (1.) K. Ichikawa 192
A brief report on the Eughth Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (2.) A. Nagazumi 193
A brief report on the Internationl Conference of Sinology, Academia SINICA, Taipei Taiwan Y. Shiratori 196
A brief report on the International Symposium of Chaṇḍi Borobudur D. Chihara 197
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (January to December, 1979) 200