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February 25, 1980
The Special Committee of Land Court and Its Setting in the late 19th Century in Thailand M. Kitahara 3
Japanese Interpreters for Vietnamese, Siamese and Other Asian Languages in Nagasaki under the Tokugawa Shogunate M. Wada 24
Management of Business Enterprise under the Japanese Military Administration in Southeast Asia —A Case Study— T. Iwatake 51
On the Royal Genealogy of the Sukhothai Dynasty T. Yoshikawa 80
Japan's Colonial Policy in French Indochina, 1940-41 Y. Tabuchi 103
[Book Reviews]
Walter F. Vella, Chaiyo! King Vajiravudh and Development of Thai Nationalism K. Ichikawa 134
Nugroho Notosusanto, The Peta Army During the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia Y. Akashi 138
Klaus Wenk, Murals in Burma, Vol.1, Painting from Pagan of the Late Period, 18th Century T. Ōno 142
Phraya Anuman Rajadhon (translated, Compiled by M. Mori), Chut Phraphen Thai (Trut-Saart) S. Itō 147
Lee Poh Ping, Chinese Society in Nineteenth Century Singapore S. Ikuta 149
[Miscellaneous Information]
List of Palm-leaf Manuscrips of the Gedong Kirtya in Bali K. Nakada 153
First Issue “Asian Theatre Reports” and Study and its Activity of the Performing Arts in Southeast Asia J. Miyao 155
Memoirs of Japanese Officers and Civilians concerning the Military Administration of Indonesia K. Gotō 157
Kartini's Brother, Raden Sosuro Kartono A. Nagazumi 159
On the Movements of the Non-Chinese in Southern China and its characteristics M. Kida 161
On the Tea in Highland Southeast Asia S. Matsushita 163
On the Piphat Ensemble, a Collection of Geijutsu-Shiryokan Y. Tanase 164
A Symposium on Cultivation History of Delta-regions in the South of Yang'tze River Y. Sakurai 165
Recent Activities on Japan Society for Southeast Asian History in Kyoto Y. Sakurai 167
Recent Studies on Southeast Asia in the Institute of Social Sciences, Waseda University Y. Murayama 168
On the publication of Myanmazwesonkyan H. Ogiwara 170
Recent Studies of the La-hu Tribe in North Thailand from the Information of Prof. A.R. Walker Y. Shiratori 171
On the Journal of “Researchs in Burmese History” in Burma S. Yabu 173
Recent Activities of the South Seas Society, Singapore H. Wada 175
The International Conference on Indian Ocean Studies T. Yamamoto 177
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (January to December 1978) 181