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April 25, 1979
The Taman Siswa Movement and The Indonesian Nationalism K. Tsuchiya 3
Social and Economic Background of the ‘Communist Uprising’ (1926/1927) in West Sumatra —A Critical Review of B.J.O. Schrieke's West Coast Report— A. Oki 47
A Catalogue of the Buddhism Scriptures written in Chinese and Chữ Nôm preserved in Wat Sammananam Boriharn in Bangkok Y. Sakurai 73
[Book Reviews]
T. Ota, General Observation of Banchiang Pottery T. Yamamoto 118
Sinchai Krabuangsaeng, Prawattisat Sukhothai T. Yoshikawa 121
Sachchidanand Sahai, Rāmāyaṇa in Laos — A Study in the Gvāy Dvóṟaḥbī J. Miyao 125
S.K. Saraswati, Tantrayana Art, An Album S. Ito 128
T. Ono & T. Inoue, Buddhist Mural Painting in Pagan S. Ito 130
Jacques Dumarçay, Borobudur D. Chihara 133
[Miscellaneous Information]
Present of English Books on Japan to the Universities Central Library by the Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture, Kaname KAMATA H. Ogiwara 142
Chit na Songkhla and the Historical Materials of Songkhla K. Ichikawa 142
Activities K. Goto 143
Notes on the Study of Na-khi (Mo-so) Problems N. Murai 145
Ch'ing-chên-ssŭ and Masjid S. Imanaga 147
Attend the Conference on Opium Production, Trade and Use in Highland Southeast Asia, Philadelohia, Pennsylvania University, Science Center Y. Shiratori 148
“Companies and Trade Workshop,” Centre for the History of European Expansion, on April 19-21, 1978, in Leiden, The Netherlands A. Nagazumi 152
An Attempt of International Joint Reseach Project M. Kuchiba 154
National Historical Archieves and the Two Hemerotecas in Spain S. Ikehata 155
Some Aspects of Musicological Study on Thai Music Y. Tanese 157
Studies on the Ethno-Historical Problems of the Thai Peoples and t'u-ssu System on the Border of Yun-nan M. Kida 159
A Visit to Sugar Regions in the Philippines Y. Nagano 161
Society for Southeast Asia Archaeology T. Chikamori 162
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (January to December, 1977) 164