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December 25, 1977
The Compilation of Dai-Viet Su-ky Toan-Thu and its various edition. Chingho A. Chen 3
T'iao-pai-ch'uan as a Component of Gata-Culture (Fishermen's Cultures in Muddy Tidal Zones) in Reference to “ming lang”. A. Nishimura 37
Li Hung-chang (李鴻章), at the time of the Sino-Franch War —according to the observation of Consul Hara Kei (原敬)— K. Kawamura 93
A Study of Landownership in Some Early Nineteenth-Century Vietnamese Villages; A reappraisal. Y. Sakurai 104
[Book Reviews]
Jeremias van Vliet, The Short History of Kings Siam. S. Kimura 131
David Johnston, Export Agricultural and Rural Change in Thailand, 1890—1930. J. Kitahara 133
P. L. Amin Sweeny and Akira Gotō (ed.), An International Seminar on the Shadow Plays of Asia. J. Miyao 142
Jean Boisselier, Le Peinture en Thailande S. Ito 146
Yoshiro Shiratori (ed.), Yao Documents. H. Wada 150
[Miscellaneous Information]
On the exchange of Books between the Universities' Central Library of Burma and the College of Liberal Arts, Kagoshima University. H. Ogiwara 153
Report on the Restration of Candi Borobudur. D. Chihara 155
Sukothai Historical Park Development Project. S. Yamada 156
“Rabel Cava” in Northern Philippines. Y. Aoyagi 158
The Pigment of Ban Chiang Pottery. S. Ito 160
The Catalogue of “Historical Study (Nghiên Cứu Lịch Sử)” 1975/1.2—1975/11.12 S. Takatsu 162
Short Report of Visit to Vietnam and start “the Joint Pesearch Project on Palm Leaf Texs of the Chiangmai University and the National Museum of Ethnology Japan” Y. Shiratori 171
Circle of Study in Archaic Cultures of China and its activity J. Tsunemi 173
A Report of the JSSEAH Kansai Meeting. Y. Ishii 175
Recent Studies on Southeast Asian in the In stitute of Social Sciences, Waseda University. Y. Murai 176
A brief report on the Seventh Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia<./td> T. Yamamoto 178
International Coference on the Mohammedanism Iran ahd eastward A. Nagazumi 179
French Historians of Modern and Contemporary Indochina. T. Takahashi 182
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (January to December, 1976) 185