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November 25, 1976
On the Date and Analysis of Stone Dharmacakra Found in Thailand S. Itō 3
A Study of Landowner ship in Some Early Nineteenth-Century Vietnamese Villages Y. Sakurai 32
The Development of Pepper Cultivation and the Formation of the New Nanggru in Acheh's Westcoast T. Suzuki 62
Indonesian History from Geographical Point of View, with Special Emphasis on the Hindu Period I. Ariyoshi 94
The Peasant Movement in Central Vietnam in 1908 M. Shiraishi 111
The Material, Concerning The Taiwan Development Company Limited (台湾拓殖株式会社), held in The Diplomatic Records Office (外務省外交史料館) K. Kawamura 134
[Book Reviews]
Ch. Archaimbault, La course de pirogues au Laos, un complex culturel T. Yamamoto 147
D.H. Burger, Sociologisch-economische geschiedenis van Indonesia, met een historische Introductie door J.S. Wigboldus A. Nagazumi 150
Sulametmuljana, A Story of Majapahit S. Ikuta 154
D. Chihara, History of Chandi Architecture in Indonesia S. Itō 157
J. Boisselier, La Sculputure en Thailande S. Itō 161
W.R. Geddes, Migrants of the Mountains: The Cultural Ecology of the Blue Miao of Thailand T. Takemura 165
[Miscellaneous Information]
Studies on the Overseas Chinese K. Ichikawa 169
The Recent Studies on Indonesia written in Japanese A. Shiraishi 170
The Report on the Reconstruction of Borobudur D. Chihara 174
Visiting of Booksellers in Hanoi M. Wada 177
The Proto-Malay Inscriptions Excavated in Java and their Religious Aspects K. Nakada 179
The 30th International Congress of Human Sciences in Asia and North Africa T. Yamamoto,
A. Nagazumi
The Report on the International Seminar on the Shadow-Plays of Asia J. Miyao 185
The Program for Historical Studies of Japan-Thailand Relations in the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University K. Ichikawa 187
Southeast Asians Studies at the Institute of Social Sciences of Waseda University K. Gotō 188
The Study Group on Cambodia at the Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa Y. Hisamitsu 191
Finding of a New Historical Material, On Pongsawadam, Chronicle of a Thai Prince Y. Shiratori 192
“International Symposium on Bronze Cultures of East and Southeast Asia” and “Second Session of the Advisory Committee for the Study of Malay Culture” S. Ikuta 194
The Seventh International Association of Historians of Asia Conference. Announcement 197
The Bibliography on Southeast Asian Studies (January to December, 1975) 200