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November 12, 1973
On the Development of the Relief Images of the Goddesses in the Khmer Classical Period S. Ito 3
The Chinese Movement in Java, 1900—1918. part 2 T. Shiraishi 28
A Genealogical Study of Ch'i-T'ung-Man 溪峒蛮 during the Sung Period K. Okada 59
Charter of the Dutch East India Company Y. Tabuchi 82
Conditions of the Acceptance of the Rāmāyana in Thailand T. Yoshikawa 97
A Study on the Land Distribution System in the Luât Lệ Hồngctu'c. part 1 Y. Sakurai 106
Studies of Contemporary History in South Vietnam M. Shiraishi 117
[Book Reviews]
Anthony Reid, The Contest for North Sumatra -Atjeh, the Netherlands and Britain, 1858—1898 T. Suzuki 127
C.P. FitzGerald, The Southern Expansion of the Chinese People: Southern Fields and Southern Ocean K. Ichikawa 130
S. FitzGerald, China and the Overseas Chinese: A Study of Peking's Changing Policy, 1949—1970 K. Ichikawa 134
Antonio de Morga, Sucesos de Las Islas Filipinas A. Uchida 139
Jacques Lemoine, Un Village Hmong vert du Haut Laos: Milieu technique et organisation sociale T. Shintani 142
Etudes Vietnamiennes, No.15. Région Montagneuses et Minorités Nationales en R.D. du Vietnam No.32. Données ethnographiques (1) T. Shintani 144
[Miscellaneous Information] 145