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October 25, 1972
Genealogy of Communist Movement in Thailand, 1945—1949 K. Ichikawa 3
The Chinese Movement in Java, 1900—1918. part 1 T. Shiraishi 35
On the Cambodian words mentioned in the Notes on the Customs of Cambodia by Chou Ta-kuan T. Takahashi 75
On the Name of the Kingdom of Ho-ling 訶陵 in Java K. Nakada 100
Activities of Indonesian Political Parties During the Early Years of the People's Council. Part II. A. Nagazumi 122
I.V. Možejko, O nekotoryh certah feodalisma v birme (XI—XIII v.v.) H. Ogiwara 150
Judicial Precedents of Burma during the Konbaung Dynasty T. Ono 166
In Memoriam, Harry J. Benda A. Nagazumi 181
[Book Reviews]
Toem Wiphakphotcanakit, Prawattisat Isan T. Yoshikawa 191
J.V.G. Mills, Ma Huan : Ying-yai Sheng-lan H. Ogawa 194
Hubert de Mestier du Bourg, La première moitié du XIe siècle au Cambodge T. Yamamoto 197
[Miscellaneous Information] 202