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October 28, 1971
For the First Issue N. Matsumoto, President 1
Major Problems of Southeast Asian History T. Yamamoto 5
Activities of the Indonesian Political Parties During the Early Years of the People's Council. Part 1. A. Nagazumi 12
The Nanyang Chinese and the Manchurian Incident Y. Akashi 52
Thai Society During World War 2. K. Ichikawa 79
International Relations Between the China and the Bangkok Dynasty H. Noda 101
Notes on Historical and Ethnological Studies of Laosand Thailand Y. Shiratori 122
Death Penalty by Means of Skewer in Burma H. Ogiwara 133
[Book Reviews]
Hsü Yün-Ts'iao, Nanyang Shih. Vol.I, Hsü Yün-Ts'iao, Malaya Shih. Vol. I H. Ogawa 138
Sartono Kartodirdjo, The Peasants' Revolt of Banten in 1888 T. Suzuki 141
Roger Duff, Stone Adzes of Southeast Asia, An Illustrated Typology N. Matsumoto 144
Gordon H. Luce, Old Burma-Early Pagan T. Yamamoto 146
[Miscellaneous Information] 152